08 Sep 2021
An all white renovated bathroom

There comes a time where we all need a change in our home. Among the more popular rooms to change is the bathroom. Not only do we use the bathroom every day, but it’s one of the rooms where small changes can make a big impact. One of the best ways to impact the bathroom is to have vanity tops in Fort Lauderdale installed. A vanity top comes with many perks and can add some dimension to any bathroom. But, if you are still in the process of deciding how you want to proceed with remodeling your bathroom, let our team fill you in on one of your options: vanity tops.

Keep reading to learn of the many benefits. After learning more about vanities, you can decide if they are the perfect addition to your home. If so, the Half Price Countertops team is here to bring your vision to life.

  • Adds an Aesthetically Pleasing Touch

Vanities can add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your bathroom. If you are looking to make a few changes to your bathroom, the vanity tops we offer in Fort Lauderdale are the perfect addition. It’s a quick change that adds another dimension to the room. Vanities can also have any type of top that you want. Everything from granite and quartz gets included in vanity top options.

If you are looking to make the bathroom have a more upscale look, this is one way to do it without making a lot of changes. You can even have the vanity built to fit in with the current style of the room. All you have to do is let the Half Price Countertops team know your vision, and we bring it to life.

  • Organization and Extra Counter Space

If you could use some extra space for storage but don’t want to remodel the entire bathroom, a vanity is a solution. With a vanity, you can have extra space for the organization without having to rearrange everything. Vanities come with additional counter space and can get installed with extra drawers. These drawers make extra room for traditional things, such as make-up.

Or, you can use the drawers for other things, such as toiletries. Either way, you can organize your belongings with ease. Some people even get shelves and cabinets installed. The overall design, look, and feel of the vanity is up to you. We recommend evaluating your space needs and belongings. Once you do that, you can decide if drawers, shelves, or cabinets are necessary for your vanity.

  • Additional Lighting

One of the traditional reasons for getting a vanity installed is for make-up and hair care. Many women get vanities to have one central place to sit down and get ready. The vanities are also a central place to store all of their products and supplies. While the style and look of your vanity are up to you, the more traditional style is to have additional lights added to the vanity.

If you do this, you can have increased lighting and choose how bright the lighting is. If your goal is to have a place to get ready in the mornings or evenings, you might want to go with the bright light. Whichever lighting you choose, you can make the bathroom and vanity your own.

  •  Go Big or Go Home

If your goal is to remodel the entire bathroom, begin with a vanity top. You can go big or go home and have a new addition to your bathroom in the form of a vanity top. It’s also easier for you to have the entire bathroom remodeled at once. Rather than have one thing installed, then decide a few months later you want to re-do something else. 

By doing this, you can also more easily bring your entire vision to life. Every aspect of the bathroom will match and can get planned out as a whole. By the time it’s done, you will have a completely new and improved bathroom.

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