If you love butterflies, you will want to visit Butterfly World in Pompano Beach. This Florida attraction features hundreds of exotic birds, insects, and butterflies, as well as botanical gardens and a research facility. The park is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm, and admission is quite expensive. It is located just west of the Florida Turnpike.
In 1988, Butterfly World opened to the public. It is the largest butterfly park in the world. You can see over 3,000 butterflies from around the world in three acres of aviaries, which also include a working butterfly farm and tropical rain forest. There is also a hummingbird aviary, and a laboratory where you can watch live butterflies emerge from their eggs.
Another interesting aspect of this attraction is the Museum/Insectum, where mounted specimens of insects from around the world are on display. Visitors can look at the pinned specimens, or visit the Bug Zoo, where live centipedes, cockroaches, and spiders are safe behind glass. Learn more information here.
Other popular attractions at this complex include the Passionflower Vine Maze, which is the largest collection of passionflower vines in the world. It is also home to a Tropical Bird Aviary, which is a paradise for butterflies and bird lovers.
Another interesting attraction is the Bug Zoo, where you can find spiders, mantids, and water bugs. They are all housed in a separate building, so visitors can safely observe them without disturbing them.
At the same time, you can also visit the North American Aviary, where you can find a wide variety of species that are native to Florida. Also, you can see the Flamingo Gardens, where you can see hundreds of birds in a variety of aviaries. These parks are great for families and are also a relaxing way to spend a day.
Butterfly World offers a unique experience for the whole family. Children are allowed to wander through the nature trail while adults can take in the butterfly exhibits. While you are there, you can take advantage of free butterfly gardening materials and attend a monthly Butterfly Gardening Workshop. Guests can also purchase plants to use in their own gardens.
One of the best things about visiting Butterfly World is the fact that the park is changing all the time. New butterflies are added constantly to the aviaries, so you’ll always be seeing something new.
You can expect to see up to 50 different types of butterflies at any given time. And, if you’re lucky, you might be able to see one of them flying. During a warm day, there is usually a minimum of 3,000 butterflies on display.
Unlike most old Florida attractions, Butterfly World is slick and modern. It’s not a huge theme park, but it’s a great place to take the family. With a large selection of plant and flower varieties, the park is perfect for a relaxing day in the sun.
As if that weren’t enough, the park is handicap accessible.
There are even wheelchairs available for rent for a nominal fee. Learn more about the Pompano Beach Amphitheatre.