Gala-kitchen-quartzGulfstream Park is a great place to spend a day with the family. With a large swimming pool, a small amusement park, and a wide beach, you are sure to find something for everyone. There are even a few attractions that are just for the kids. Click for more.

The park also boasts the world’s largest outdoor swimming pool and a number of entertainment options. You can take your pick from horse racing and gambling, or head out for a spin on one of the many golf courses. For the kids, you can check out the new playground, which has been redesigned and resurfaced.

The park offers free parking and is located right on the water, so you are sure to have a good time. However, you might have to hunt for a spot if you visit during the high season. In order to avoid having to walk a mile or so back to your car, you can get a little help. This particular park is located near the border of Delray Beach and Boynton Beach. 

The park is managed by the Delray Beach Parks Department and is a great spot for a day of family fun. One of the best things about this park is that you can get away from the crowds and have a nice, albeit rather quiet, beach to yourself. While you might be lucky enough to find a few sunny days, the sand will be sifted and the waves will be at their most manageable.

One of the more interesting features of this park is the one-of-a-kind boardwalk that crosses between emergent marsh areas and open water ponds. It’s the best way to see the wetlands, which include some of the rare species of birds. Despite being in a remote area, the park is well-maintained and the amenities are plentiful.

Besides the boardwalk, the park also offers the largest lighted chess set in Florida. Obviously, this is not for the feisty or the faint of heart.

Gulfstream Park has also received a plethora of awards for its achievements. As a result, it is a popular destination for parties and events. Whether you want to play a round of pool or horse racing, check out the world’s largest outdoor swimming pool, or enjoy some shopping or dining at a number of top-notch restaurants, it’s a great place to visit.

Whether you are looking for the best place to spend your weekend or a day out with the family, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat this gem. The best part is that the park is open seven days a week, and you can enjoy all of the fun without breaking the bank. Unlike other beaches in Palm Beach County, you don’t have to shell out for a parking ticket. If you can drive through the gates and park for free under the trees.

Other features include a free lifeguard station, restrooms, and a modest beachfront park with BBQ grills and picnic tables. Learn more about the Things to Do in Delray Beach, Florida.