01 Dec 2021
Why is granite fabrication best, and how to find the best granite fabricators in Florida?

A kitchen remodeling project is exciting as you’re looking at new countertops, cabinets, and flooring for your kitchen. A kitchen remodel has many aspects, but you must prioritize the countertops above everything else. Along with your search for new styles and colors of countertops, you may have come across granite countertops, which are the latest trend. 

Granite countertops look amazing in your kitchen, and you can get them from granite fabricators and kitchen remodeling experts, like Half Price Cabinets. They are offering high-quality products at the best and most affordable prices. They can create outstanding granite fabrication countertops for your kitchen, using an extensive range of techniques and tools that help transform your kitchen and breathe new life into it. 

You don’t have to look far for the latest trends in kitchen countertops, as nowadays you can find a decent kitchen countertop at an affordable price. Granite countertops are gaining popularity because they are much cheaper than marble and deliver a distinctive look to any kitchen. You won’t be disappointed with the finish of granite fabrication and will leave a fantastic impression on your guests. 

From cutting the stone to installing granite countertops, there are several steps involved in the process, and if you’re curious about that, you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know about granite fabrication countertops and granite fabricators. 

What Do Granite Fabricators Do?

In essence, granite fabricators cut raw stone slabs and turn them into exquisite granite fabrication countertops for kitchens. It’s a fascinating process, but each granite fabricator has its unique process for granite fabrication, and we will give you a brief outline of how they work. Here’s the process:

  • Extract raw stone
  • Take measurements of your kitchen 
  • Cut down the raw stone into slabs
  • Polish the granite stone
  • Use edging machinery to smoothen the granite slab 
  • Apply hand finishing to the countertop
  • Add final details to granite fabrication
  • Installation of granite countertops in your kitchen 

All contractors have different ways of doing things, which is why you must speak with them first if you want to know the exact granite fabrication process they are using for your kitchen countertops. Granite fabricators also use other materials such as marble and natural stone, and you will benefit by learning what they specialize in. 

A well-made granite fabrication countertop can last for at least 100 years! That makes them a worthwhile investment, which is why you should work with someone who has glowing customer reviews and an outstanding reputation in the industry. 

How Much Does Granite Fabrication Cost?

If you want granite fabrication for your kitchen countertops, it will cost you an estimated $45 to $65 per square foot of counter area. That’s cheaper than marble countertops, which will cost you between $80 to $260 per square foot of counter area. The popularity of granite countertops stems from the fact that they are not only long-lasting, durable, and look great but are cost-effective as well. 

The overall cost you are looking at when installing granite countertops in your kitchen would be somewhere between $2,100 to $4,600 for a complete granite fabrication countertop installation. That will include the cost of granite fabrication, the installation, the labor, and any fees and taxes added on top of it. 

Why Choose Half Price Cabinets for Granite Fabrication? 

If any granite fabricator is charging you nearly $5,000, and you’re not living in a mansion, you may want to look for other options that may offer you better prices. Half Price Cabinets are the best option for anyone looking for quality granite fabrication countertops for their kitchen in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

They offer quartz slabs, remnants, sinks, and edges designed to last a lifetime. When you shop with Half Price Cabinets, you will be getting the highest quality products at a fraction of the price. You don’t need to pay full price for granite fabrication countertops when you can get them at Half Price Cabinets and save thousands of dollars. 

Whether you want a total kitchen remodel or home renovation, looking to add unique quartz to accent your current décor scheme, or taking on a commercial remodeling project, you will discover excellent items at Half Price Cabinets. They have competitive prices and a superior collection for granite fabrication that’s unparalleled. 

Call Half Price Cabinets today, and let their experienced experts help you choose the perfect granite fabrication kitchen countertop for your kitchen remodeling project. Don’t take our word and experience the difference yourself. You won’t find better prices for granite countertops in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.