14 Apr 2022
Beautiful Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are those kitchen components that no one notices until they’re sitting in your kitchen or when they want to buy your house. However, kitchen cabinet styles are some of the most critical aspects of your kitchen. When you notice kitchen cabinets, you’ll often see that they have some contouring and then a flat panel in the front.  

Flat-panel kitchen cabinets are also known as slab cabinet doors. They are European-style cabinets that can help set your kitchen apart and garner attention. They are a modern look and have been used in Europe for a decade.  

What Are European Style Kitchen Cabinets? 

These kitchen cabinets are distinguished by their frameless design. They often appear hidden due to the minimalist design that allows them to fit firmly in the structure. Homes built in the US are different from those in Europe because homes in the US are newer. However, European-style kitchen cabinets have quickly become a  trend in the US which is here to stay! 

What’s Their Story? 

European countries have homes and apartments which are much older than those in America. At the time that they were building these homes. Builders couldn’t standardize most modern abodes. European Style Cabinets address this issue because these cabinets fit nicely into most spaces and can adapt to any real estate.  

European homes are also not as big as American homes, which means that these cabinets had the seamlessness to offer a response to many storage solutions. They also had hidden hinges that amplified the spaces and were sometimes referred to as European-style hinges.  

What Are the Major Properties of European Style Kitchen Cabinets? 

The significant property that sets these kitchen cabinets apart is the frame. European kitchen cabinets do not use a frame. There are many benefits that these cabinets offer, and one of the major ones is space.  

They provide a lot of interior space, which is better if you have a smaller home. If you’re a big family living in a smaller space, these cabinets bring in a lot of functionality.  

They also have visual advantages. They can appear modern and sleek. If you want a more modern kitchen, you can have that too. However, if you want something that appears more quaint, you can choose that too. It depends on the kind of material you use.  

You would go for a laminate or wood veneer finish for a more modern look. 

Sleek Appearance 

One of the major properties of a European Style Kitchen Cabinet is that it appears sleek and stylish. It has a minimalist appearance, and everything is contoured and clean. The design is never busy.  

Smooth Exterior  

The designs of European kitchen cabinets are generally unidimensional. There’s not a lot of texture involved. It often looks like a mirror or a laminate that you could look in. They are characterized by a highly glossy finish that you can achieve with paint, vinyl, or glass. The appearance also makes the spaces appear a lot roomier than other kitchen spaces.  

No Extreme Decoration 

There are very minimalist designs in European kitchen cabinets. There is a simple aestheticism that focuses more on functionality than ornamentation. There are no hyper decorative trims or carvings that air any form of luxury.  

American Style vs. European Style Cabinets? 

The biggest difference is that of the frame. Americans love a reasonable frame, and they think it’s necessary to have it. Both the framed and frameless kitchen cabinets can have many advantages. However, you have to know what you want. 

Suppose you’re trying to create a specific aesthetic in your home. Then, you have to go along the lines and try to understand if that’s something that you can achieve with your European-style kitchen cabinets. Some styles go better with an American-style cabinet, and you must recognize that too.  

If you’re looking for more excellent space, European-style cabinets are also better. American-style cabinets do not have some of the more practical considerations. However, if you’re in America, this style should also serve you fine.  

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