02 Aug 2022
Assortment of different shades of quartz countertop options

White elements in a newly renovated kitchen remain among the most popular styles seen in homes across the country. While some opt for an all-white, clean, and bright look, others seek a bit of diversity and depth in their kitchen space.

Natural stone options such as granite countertops are a great choice for any home. With plenty of quartz options to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re choosing one that works well with the rest of your fixtures? Turn up those white shaker cabinets with the luxurious look of these top 5 picks and see how opulent your space feels.

Pure White Quartz

If you want to go for the cleanest, crispest look possible, consider pure white quartz that will pair perfectly with your kitchen space. This winning combination will also provide you with a clean slate for any appliance, accent colors, and colorful backsplashes you wish to incorporate into your newly renovated look.

Kimbler Mist Beige Quartz

Beige quartz countertops are light, airy, and just texturized enough to add a bit of depth and interest to your space. Offering a more subtle feel than stark white, they can provide a neutral canvas for you to express your creativity and artistic talents. White quartz with darker veins can also accomplish a neutral feel with a bit softer touch that works well in all kinds of kitchen spaces.

Amarcord Quartz

Gray amarcord quartz blends well into a white background, providing a versatile backdrop against darker contrast colors such as jewel tones, black, and white. Make those white shaker kitchen cabinets pop with simple accent colors that tie in well with neutral whites and grays.

Berkeley Brown Quartz

White shaker cabinets with hues of brown are another warm and inviting option to consider for your kitchen. Earthy brown gives a feeling of grounded function, making your space inviting to cook in as well as gather. A wide range of shades sporting beautiful browns and tans exist; choose one that speaks to you and feels natural in your space.

Blackpool Matte Quartz

Nothing says sophisticated contrast quite like black against white. White cabinets stand out in stark contrast to beautiful black, making your space look elegant and refined. Choose from pure black matte or a marbled variety with grays and whites running through; you’ll have to pay particular attention to keeping them clean to make your space feel pristine.

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